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16 Kinds of Authentic Macaroons

1. Flavored with natural food concentrates without any artificial pigment.
2. Rich nutty tasting with abundant almond powder contents.
3. High re-purchasing power by customers.
4. Hygienic condition by individual packing.
5. Excellent preservation with frozen distribution.

White chocolate Macaroon

Harmony of soft taste of white chocolate

Green Tea Macaroon

A unique taste of green tea leaves

Mint Macaroon

A cool mint spread in your mouth

Strawberry Macaroon

The flavor of fresh strawberries

Earl Grey Macaroon

Taste of dark tea and soft tea cream

Peanut butter Macaroon

Ensemble of peanut cream creaminess and vanilla sweetness

Lemon Macaroon

A fragrant flavor with freshness of lemon

Vanilla Macaroon

Vanilla flavor of soft vanilla essence

Cookies and Cream Macaroon

A blend of crispy cookie crunch and soft cream

Blueberry Macaroon

A rich flavor with natural blueberries

Rose Macaroon

The sweetness of natural rose

Chocolate Macaroon

Flovor from high-purity chocolate powder and chewy chocolate ganache

Cheese Yogurt Macaroon

A blend of Parmesan cheese and yogurt

Hazelnut Macaroon

Extreme exuberance of authentic Hazelnut

Mango Macaroon

Soft and sweet flavor of deep mango

Tiramisu Macaroon

The rich flavor of espresso