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How to make a cupcake

In Korea, most of cake base is made with emulsifies and syrup is used for soft tastes. Our cake base, like in America and Europe, is made only with water in egg yolk, milk, and butter and no artificial ingredient is added. Sugar contents of our cakes are reduced to one thirds of the cakes in Australia. Each flavor for our products are made with all natural ingredients such as blueberry, raspberry, green tea, etc. We are baking our bread in our unique cups with a special cap which keeps moisture to prevent drying of bread.

How to make a macaroon

We are using 100% all-natural grinded almond meal with rich and nutty flavor while most other brands in the markets are mixing cornstarch and flour. Our macaroon is made by a handmade Italian Meringue with all natural ingredients. Each product is individually wrapped for sanitary. You can enjoy them with an easy mind.