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18 Kinds of Australian Cupcakes

1. Flavor with natural food concentrate.
2. Made from only the water contained in milk, butter, and egg without oil addition.
3. Put the dough into the cup with a special coating of Polylactide(PLA) and bake it directly.
4. Covered with plastic lid for easy distribution and storage.
5. Excellent preservation with frozen distribution.

Chocolate brownie Cupcake

A cupcakes with chocolate chips and walnuts matching

Blueberry Cupcake

cupcakewith a blueberry concentrate and a blueberry flavor

Hibiscus Cupcake

A cupcake with a natural hibiscus flavor

Green Tea Cupcake

A cupcake with a nice taste of green tea

Mango Cupcake

A cupcake with taste the softness of tropical fruit mango

Black Forest Cupcake

A refreshing base of aged cherries, vanilla cream and chocolate ganache harmonious cupcake

Cookies and Cream Cupcake

A crispy cupcake with soft cream and chocolate crunchy

Tiramisu Cupcake

A cupcake with chocolate and dark espresso cream

Peanut butter Cupcake

A cupcake with the sweetness of peanut cream and the harmony of chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate Cupcake

A cupcakes with the chewy taste of dark chocolate ganache

Remington Cupcake

A cupcake with snow-like coconut flour making chocolate ganache more smothly

Red Velvet Yogurt Cupcake

A cupcake that feels even more delicious with fresh yogurt butter cream

Red Velvet Mint Cupcake

A cupcake filled with refreshing mint flavor

Red Velvet White Cupcake

cupcake with white chocolate gently in harmony

Red Velvet Macchiato Cupcake

cupcakewith the sweetness of caramel and the espresso cream

Strawberry Cupcake

A cupcake with a fresh strawberry flavor

Vanilla sundae Cupcake

A cupcake with a blend of vanilla and strawberry flavor

Chocolate sundae Cupcake

A cupcake with the hamony of milk chocolate and vanilla flavor