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Division Subject of payment Price A dispenser Return Conditions Remarks
The total amount Per 3.3㎡
Interior A company designated by a franchising headquarters or a franchising headquarters 22 million won 2.2 million won Upon contract 30%
Upon launch 40%
Upon completion 30%
Contract canceled 3 days ago Additional cost of 1.76 million won for every increase of 3.3㎡
Sign 3.3 million won Separate consultation Front sign (including indoor sign), depending on store
Kitchen equipment and fixtures 19.8 million won Depends on kitchen area Separate consultation Coffee machine, Freezer, Refrigerated showcase, Ice maker, etc.
Hall fixtures 4.4 million won Separate consultation When supplies are not supplied Chairs, tables, etc.
Sales item 1.1 million won When supplying goods When goods are not supplied Uniforms, packaging containers, printed materials, etc.
First product 3 million won When supplying goods When goods are not supplied Products and materials
Division Amount (including VAT) Remarks
Subscription fee 9.9 million won
New education fee 4.4 million won
Contract Performance Deposit 5 million won No VAT
连锁出口 - 可实现配方的本土化
1. 以向当地传授技术的方式进行连锁出口(2017年7月,在美国拥有3家店铺)
     - 纯粹传授技术(US$50,000)
2. 在当地建立工厂形式的连锁费用(US$80,000)
     - 向当地派遣职员(提供食、宿的条件)
     - 用于生产产品的预混剂由韩国总部提供
     - 特许权使用费(工厂销售额的3%)